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Annie’s Hot Pepper Sauce


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If you’ve tried several hot pepper sauces but always end up being disappointed because it is lacking that authentic feel to it, then you’re in for a treat with this spicy goodness.

Annie’s Hot Pepper sauce will become an instant favorite of yours or anyone you know who loves to add a spicy kick to rice, tacos, pasta and much more.

Available in 8oz and 16oz jars, this hot pepper sauce will be perfect for anyone who’s been craving the authentic African-style hot pepper sauce or for someone who just wants a try.

Order one today and start drizzling any dish you want with this spicy goodness prepared and bottled from home. Get the real deal and finally taste the authentic recipe for a delish dining experience.

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8oz, 16oz


Hot Pepper Sauce, Hot Pepper Sauce with Smoked Salted Herring

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